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Broad Street Valuations, Inc
211 Elm Street
Holly, MI 48442

Phone: (888) 885-7770
Fax: (866) 885-8771


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State AMC License Number
Alabama AL0011
Alaska 147836
Arizona AMC-40008
Arkansas AMR-030
California 1371
Colorado AMC.200000230
Connecticut AMC.0000068
Delaware X7-0000015
District of Columbia AMC2018246
Florida MC44
Georgia 59
Hawaii AMC 1206
Idaho AMC-4455
Illinois 558.000070
Indiana AMC1100091
Iowa 00013
Kansas KS041
Kentucky 7
Louisiana AMC.0007
Maine AMC3869
Maryland 31451
Massachusetts 63
Michigan 1202000013
Minnesota 20630916
Mississippi AMC-041
Missouri 2013037544
Montana REA-AMC-LIC-3714
Nebraska NE2012038
Nevada AMC.0000082
New Hampshire AMC-79
New Jersey 42AC00003800
New Mexico AMC1007
New York AMC-19-0143
North Carolina NC-1061
North Dakota AMC-ND-2018-026
Ohio AMC.2019000749
Oklahoma 60058AMC
Oregon AM-024
Pennsylvania AMC000047
Rhode Island REA.0014-AMC
South Carolina 64
South Dakota AMC-SD-1026-2021
Tennessee 00000031
Texas TX2000017
Utah 7521293-AMC0
Vermont 077.0073998-MAIN
Virginia 4009000026
Washington 30000085
West Virginia WV010007
Wisconsin 54-900
Wyoming AMC-58